Current Issues To Consider In Mississippi


Current Issues in Mississippi

“Of all the current issues we have before us, such as education funding, taxes, budgets, revenues etc, nothing is being said about how terrorists are wanting to target our malls and police. They are trying to recruit our youth to join them with their internet propaganda. Mississippi is not immune to this. Let’s not wait to see when or where it happens before we act. Most of this preparation can come through awareness among our citizens to our surroundings including our neighborhoods and schools. Be proactive and report any suspicious activity. We must look out for each other during these terrifying times. I never dreamed I would see the terror that has already occurred in this country and I fear what life will be like for my children in their future. Don’t wait to be told that we have trouble, look for it and be alert. Don’t think the Federal government has your back. All I see are warnings.”


Chandler Bramlett

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