faviconmacHaving a conservative conscious all of my life , I believe that the roll of state government is to develop and promote conservative policy based on the principles of free enterprise, provides for prosperity for ALL people. Mississippi has been at the bottom too long. It’s more than money that is causing a high percentage of our third graders not to be proficient enough in reading to be promoted to the forth grade. This is but one example of the level of education we provide for our children. We want our students to excel at all levels to allow better competitiveness for the state of Mississippi. I am a much better listener than a talker and I want to meet with our educators and discuss what’s working and what’s not; what is needed and what is not.

Mississippi must do a better job at promoting industries that require more intellect than skill to move to our state. We need to stop the “brain drain” in Mississippi where our better students are leaving to find work in other states. I want to work with both sides of the aisle to accomplish what’s best for Mississippi and not what’s best for me.

Let me be your voice in our legislature! Do not settle for mediocrity! Mississippi needs strong leadership and I know I have the ability to lead. With my experience in business in the last 30 years has allowed me to experience first hand what is good for business and what’s not. I know what our workforce wants. Start now by voting for me to represent the people of District 25. Together our voices will be heard!


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