School Funding

School Funding in Mississippi
School Funding in Mississippi

“Everyone is concerned about funding our public schools and rightfully so. The formula used by the Legislature is complicated at best and certainly needs our attention as to whether it has some flaws. At the moment we need money and lots of it. Using our present formula we have been short by approximately 250 million dollars give or take a few mill towards fully funding the school budget. My understanding is that the Republican lead Legislature has been chipping away at this shortfall for a few years now. Apparently this year an additional 106 million is going to be added getting us somewhat closer to what is said to be needed. I like all of you wish there was more but there isn’t unless we spend less somewhere else. The prison systems don’t want to give it up, nor do transportation, Medicaid, and so on and so on. Everyone seems to think we are already taxed to the “hilt” and would love some relief. It’s only natural for our Legislature to look at ways that our school systems might be more efficient. I know that everyone is up in arms about Initiative 42 and Initiative 42A and maybe that’s the way it should be. After all it’s our differences of opinion and the ability to work together is what formed this great country. I have no doubt that the school funding problem will be worked our in an amicable way in our Legislature and not by a Federal Court. As to what has occurred in the past Legislatures back to 1997 on both sides of the aisle had no bearing on what needs to be done today. It is time to put aside our differences, roll up our sleeves and get this problem worked out. I am ready.”

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