Your Vote Matters

Vote Republican 2015 In District 25
Vote Republican 2015 In District 25

Your Vote Matters!

“I have been making comments on “getting out ” to vote. Some of the comments back to me are that “they’re all out for themselves”, “they all chase the almighty dollar”, ” no one is worth voting for” and “if I vote for you will you vote for term limits”? Don’t “cop out” on me. There are many very good people in politics for the right reasons. You have just got to weed through the garbage and pick the right one. I have no problem with term limits and would vote in favor if it ever made it to the floor, but it never will. The beauty of voting is that you decide how long politicians stay in office, just show up and vote. If you want the power back in the people then you must vote, vote and keep voting. Be proud and vote loud!!

Chandler Bramlett

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